Why Open-Source?

In the safety-driven domain of air traffic surveillance, proprietary systems and software still rule, and it is hard to imagine it to be otherwise.

However, for the special case of systems analysis and standard compliance verification, some advantages of open-source software exist:

  • Safety through transparency: Open-source can be checked, tested and verified by anyone
  • Independence from manufacturers: Our projects can be used by anyone and can not be removed from the market
  • Cost-efficiency: We provide free-to-use software which can be extended by anyone, using community-driven open-source libraries

Why Pay for Free Software?

While open-source is not always a synonym for free, for our projects it is.

However, there is no free lunch, and as it is often the case with open-source solutions, the learning curve can be somewhat steep – for usage as well as extension of our software.

To mitigate this fact and provide an quick and easy access for end-users, we offer the following services:

  • Support: Set-up, configuration, usage support and bug-fixing
  • Trainings: Online or on-site, hands-on training of predetermined use-cases
  • Feature development: If custom features are required, such development can be ordered
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