OpenATS stands for open-source Air Traffic Surveillance, and provides services centered around its open-source software.

Focused on air traffic surveillance data processing systems, comprised of sensors and tracking solutions, the company works with ANSPs, airports and related system manufacturers to achieve optimal surveillance for safe operational usage.

To extend the operational safety margin to and beyond the performance mandated by international or customer standards, analysis, configuration and compliance verification of Radar, MLAT, ADS-B and related system tracking solutions can be provided. Please refer to our Evaluation Services page for further information.

Using the open-source project OpenATS COMPASS, surveillance data can be analyzed and verified for ACC, APP, TWR, DEP and GND airspace applications. This software is published free for anyone to use, and provided commercial services are limited to feature development, support and trainings. For further information please refer to Why Open-Source?

Our goal is to enable users to increase operational safety margins in ATC surveillance, by  providing OpenATS COMPASS as a common standard tool in our field.

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