Our company offers a number of services focused on our open-source projects.

It is one of our goals to enable users to be self-sufficient in the usage of our tools, however the learning curve can be somewhat steep – for usage as well as extension of our software.

To mitigate this fact and provide an quick and easy access for end-users, we offer the following services.


For new as well as experienced users, we offer support. From first set-up in their environment, to usage support and issue mitigation, this affordable service commonly includes:

  • Basic voting rights for new features
  • Set-up: First installation
  • Configuration: Specification of ASTERIX decoding, data sources, map files, …
  • Usage support: Helpdesk in everyday use cases
  • Issue mitigation/bug fixing


For new users as well as for experienced users, trainings for basic usage as well as specific use cases can be offered.

The subject of system performance assessment is a subtle one, and complex systems more often than not result in complex analysis. For this reason, to avoid usage pitfalls as well as save time for your valued staff, trainings might be of advantage.

For new users, at least a basic training is recommended, to get first acquainted with the main concepts, basic assumptions and most common use cases of the provided tools.

Training sessions can be provided as online video conferences or on-site, as to the customers preference.

Feature Development

While our software was developed for a high degree of flexibility and provides some of the most important analysis features for our community, in some cases special circumstances require features not yet available.

If a requested feature is within the scope of the project, and not too much effort, such development can already be covered in a support service.

For larger developments we can offer feature development packages based on fixed hour-estimates of specified functionality.

Please be aware that, by default, all newly developed features are later published in the publicly available software, unless otherwise mandated by a customer.

This will allow us to further extend the provided tools, and increase usability for our community over time. For this reason, the more usable a feature will be for the whole community, the more affordable pricing we can offer.


The price of the support service strongly depends on the number of users and may include other services. Our most affordable package is 5.000€ per year, per institution/company.

The feature development pricing very much depends on the number of person-hours estimated for the specified development, and can not be quoted in general.

If desired, combination packages can also be offered, i.e. combining:

  • An evaluation service
  • A training package for performing such evaluations with in-house staff
  • A support package for a desired number of years

Please contact us by using the mail address office@openats.at or the ‘Contact‘ form to obtain a quote.

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