Our company offers evaluations of Radar, MLAT, ADS-B and related system tracking solutions.

Whether during system installation (FAT/SAT) or later system upgrades/changes, performance assessment allows verification of mandated sensor/tracker performance.

By using our in-house tool OpenATS COMPASS, a number of international MOPS or derived/custom standards can be evaluated, e.g. by comparison of the system of interest to test drives/flights or other reference data sources.

Since our company is not directly associated with any system manufacturer, an impartial assessment of the performance of the examined  system can be ensured.

Reference Data

Please note that, depending on the type of evaluation, the choice of reference data is of the utmost importance.

If suitable test drive or test flight data is available, the highest accuracy of the evaluation results can be achieved. However, since such activities are often associated with significant costs and might not be feasible in all circumstances, other options might be of interest. Also, since such data only allows assessment of only a specific point in time for a specific target, such results might not include the full picture of the operational circumstances.

Depending on the required accuracy of the reference data, reference data from other sources than test drives/flight might be suitable:

  • Sensor data, e.g. selected high-accuracy ADS-B data from validated transponders
  • Tracker data, e.g. from an operational system or another tracker configuration
  • Reconstructed data, e.g. from an amalgamation of other independent data sources

Common Evaluations

Please note that some of the mentioned standards include requirements which can not be validated based on surveillance data alone. To inquire specifically which performance indicators can be calculated please contact us with a request using the ‘Contact Us’ form.


  • EUROCAE ED-116
  • Custom standards


  • Custom standards


  • EUROCAE ED-117, ED-117A
  • EUROCAE ED-142
  • Custom standards


  • Custom standards


  • EUROCAE ED-87C, ED-87D, ED-87E
  • Custom standards

Evaluation Deliverables

After an evaluation, commonly the following deliverables are available to our customer:

  • Evaluation report: Summary, methodology, high-level results and discussion
  • Automatically generated reports: Low-level details
  • Databases: Data used for assessment

Additional Options

An often-requested option is that, after evaluation services have been performed, our customers want to be able to perform such evaluations with in-house staff.

It is one of the goals of our company to enable users in such endeavors. Please refer to our Project Related Services for information about trainings and support.


An evaluation service’s pricing very much depends on the circumstances and requirements of the customer, and can not be quoted in general.

If desired, combination packages can also be offered, i.e. combining:

  • An evaluation service
  • A project-related service
    • A training package for performing such evaluations with in-house staff
    • A support package for a desired number of years

Please contact us using the mail address office@openats.at or the ‘Contact’ form about any questions or to obtain a quote.

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